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Search DMAP. Enter names, identifiers or keywords for genes, proteins, pathways, ontology terms, (e.g. glmS, glycolysis,heavy metal argS ) etc.


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DMAP enables the integration of annotations for the exploration and analysis of microbial metagenomes.Start exploring DMAP using keyword search, a more user-controlled Querybuilder search or try out BLAST interface to DMAP genes.


Dragon Metagenomic Analysis Platform (DMAP),

  • DMAP -- Assembly (scripts available on request)
  • DMAP -- Annotation, try it here or see examples: ATII, DD, KDU, KDL
  • DMAP -- Data-warehouse, you are here
  • DMAP -- Sample-comparison, try it here. Use Firefox/Safari for best resolution

Important Notice:

By using this system you are agreeing to the terms and conditions applied. This system is free for academic users. KEGG derived data we provide (under an organizational license) is also free for academic users, check KEGG terms for full FTP or commercial access.

Gene annotations in DMAP are derived from a variety of biological databases including: UniProt, NR, KEGG, CDD, Interpro, GO. Read more

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DMAP derives Domains and Gene Ontology annotation from searches against InterPro databases. Read more

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DMAP derives Pathways information from BLAST against KEGG and Uniprot. Read more

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Perl, Python, Ruby and  &  Java API

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Access our DMAP data via our Application Programming Interface (API) too! We provide client libraries in the following languages: