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Drug namePhenoxybenzamine
DescriptionAn alpha-adrenergic antagonist with long duration of action. It has been used to treat hypertension and as a peripheral vasodilator. [PubChem]
DrugBankPrimary Accession Number: DB00925
DINNot available
TypeApproved, Small Molecule
IndicationFor the treatment of phaeochromocytoma (malignant), benign prostatic hypertrophy and malignant essential hypertension.
Mechanism of ActionPhenoxybenzamine produces its therapeutic actions by blocking alpha receptors, leading to a muscle relaxation and a widening of the blood vessels. This widening of the blood vessels results in a lowering of blood pressure.
AbsorptionTwenty to 30 percent of orally administered phenoxybenzamine appears to be absorbed in the active form.
ToxicitySymptoms of overdose are largely the result of block of the sympathetic nervous system and of the circulating epinephrine. They may include postural hypotension resulting in dizziness or fainting, tachycardia, particularly postural, vomiting; lethargy, and shock.
Protein BindingNot available