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The role of copper, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc in nutrition and health.989160650 
Final report on the safety assessment of trilaurin, triarachidin, tribehenin, tricaprin, tricaprylin, trierucin, triheptanoin, triheptylundecanoin, triisononanoin, triisopalmitin, triisostearin, trilinolein, trimyristin, trioctanoin, triolein, tripalmitin, tripalmitolein, triricinolein, tristearin, triundecanoin, glyceryl triacetyl hydroxystearate, glyceryl triacetyl ricinoleate, and glyceryl stearate diacetate.1180005349 
90-day feeding and one-generation reproduction study in Crl:CD BR rats with 17 beta-estradiol.974265249 
Persistent pesticides in human breast milk and cryptorchidism.1683507049 
Final safety assessment of Coal Tar as used in cosmetics.1883086149 
O-phenylphenol and its sodium and potassium salts: a toxicological assessment.1248736549 
Toxicity of antimony and its compounds.330733648 
NTP toxicology and carcinogensis Studies of 2,4-hexadienal (89% trans,trans isomer, CAS No. 142-83-6; 11% cis,trans isomer) (Gavage Studies).1499929948 
NTP technical report on toxicity studies of urethane in drinking water and urethane in 5% ethanol administered to F344/N rats and B6C3F1 mice.1180370548 
Effects of chronic exposure to sodium arsenite on hypothalamo-pituitary-testicular activities in adult rats: possible an estrogenic mode of action.1648335548 

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