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BEACON is a software tool that compares annotations of a particular genome from different Annotation Methods (AMs). It uses GenBank format as input and derives Extended Annotation (EA) along side listing original annotations from individual AMs. For more information feel free to contact us.

Start submitting and using below:

Browse and upload a reference annotation in GenBank format. [leave empty if reference is not required]

Browse and upload annotations in GenBank format to compare. [use shift+ctrl to select multiple files]

Enter name of organism or comparison:

Similarity offset * (e.g. for +/- 2%, write 2):

Please note:
* Similarity offset: This parameter controls the acceptable offset in gene start/stop positions between methods. A similarity offset of 2% means this value is 2% of the length of shorter gene being compared.

BMC Genomics supplementary data: additional file 1 & additional file 2 [Source Code]

BEACON source code along with example data (including example results) is available here

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