KMAP Supplementary Material

Supplementary Table 1, Gene Catalogs, ENA Project Ids, Links to GITs and KMAP Annotations.
Supplementary Table 2, ENA Studies, Samples.
Supplementary Table 3, ~27000 Metagenome Assembly Stats.
Supplementary Figures, Description of SF0, GIT and SF1, Gene Catalog groups.
Supplementary methods, Includes linux commandlines and database queries.
Supplementary Binning Document.
Supplementary KMAPtsv2Biome.Example.tgz, a utility to convert KMAP TSV format into biom format (requires biom module), see supplementary methods..
Supplementary KMAP Documentation.
Supplementary KMAP BLAST.

*Assemblies (~27000 metagenomes, available for download): Krona Graph, HTML Tables including metadata.

KMAP screencast videos.
1. Introduction. How to View/Browse data in KMAP:

2. How to Compare data in KMAP:

3. How to search interesting enzymes (e.g. extremozymes) in KMAP:

4. How to Search Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs) in different microbial habitats in KMAP

5. How to make/use interactive heatmaps (e.g. pathway modules) in KMAP:

6. How to BLAST a sequence in KMAP Global Proteome: