• Here we show an example of the input data to DASPfind tool. We use the Nuclear Receptor dataset which includes 54 drugs and 26 targets. It is one of several datasets that we used in DASPfind paper. All three matrices shown below are needed to build the network for predicting new drug-target interactions. If you use your own data, please make sure it follows the same format as we show here.

    If you run this example, you will receive an email confirming the submission of the job. After the job is completed, you will receive another email with the results file attached. Note that all inputs and result files follow the order of drugs in the file "NR_Drugs_IDs.txt" and targets in the file "NR_Targets_IDs.txt". For more information, please refer to the help page.

  • NR_DrugTarget_interactions.txt