Drug nameEstramustine
DescriptionA nitrogen mustard linked to estradiol, usually as phosphate; used to treat prostatic neoplasms; also has radiation protective properties. [PubChem]
DrugBankPrimary Accession Number: DB01196
TypeApproved, Small Molecule
IndicationFor the palliative treatment of patients with metastatic and/or progressive carcinoma of the prostate
Mechanism of ActionThe precise mechanism of action of estramustine is unknown.
AbsorptionNot available
ToxicityNot available
Protein BindingNot available
KEGGdrug: D04066 / compound: C11228
PubChemcompound: 18140 / substance: 161211
PharmGKBNot available
Metabolizing Enzymes
Multidrug resistance protein 1ABCB15243MDR1_HUMANrs35657960 rs55852620 rs56107566 rs9282564 rs61607171 rs28381902 rs61122623 rs60419673 rs60247941 rs1045642 rs2235012 rs59697741 rs2229109 rs2229107 rs59340265 rs59241388 rs2235022 rs9282563 rs1128503 rs57521326 rs2032582 rs57001392 rs56871767 rs56849127 rs41316450 rs41315618 rs41311775 rs41309231 rs41309228 rs41309225 rs41305517 rs41304191 rs34748655 rs28401798 rs28381967 rs28381966 rs28381915 rs28381914 rs28381867 rs28381804 rs28364274 rs17852065 rs9332385 rs9282565 rs2707944 rs2707943 rs2235051 rs2235044 rs2235039 rs2235036 rs1202183 rs1128502 rs1128501 rs1128500
Estrogen receptorESR12099ESR1_HUMANrs2228480 rs2077647 rs4986934 rs1801132 rs34840398 rs17847076 rs17847067 rs17847065 rs9341069 rs9341068 rs9340802 rs9340773 rs1141584 rs746432
Estrogen receptor betaESR22100ESR2_HUMANrs1256049 rs17226088 rs60101369 rs58256696 rs1256054 rs56926155 rs45624541 rs34624204 rs1541060
Microtubule-associated protein 1AMAP1A4130MAP1A_HUMANrs480108 rs12912505 rs2245715 rs3862138 rs56321997 rs55941117 rs55904898 rs55707100 rs45569034 rs36123827 rs35877196 rs35742729 rs35480143 rs34542263 rs34218346 rs34209987 rs28438815 rs8036179 rs8034794 rs8028849 rs8027916 rs3803337 rs3803335 rs3803333 rs2602130 rs2602129 rs2584723 rs2584722 rs2584721 rs2584720 rs2584719 rs2584718 rs2584717 rs2584716 rs2584715 rs2584698 rs2584697 rs2584696 rs2584695 rs2470129 rs2470128 rs2229014 rs1894288 rs1060959 rs1060958 rs1060956 rs1060955 rs1060954 rs1060953 rs1060952 rs1060951 rs1060950 rs1060949 rs1060948 rs1060947 rs1060946 rs1060945 rs1060944 rs1060943 rs1060942 rs1060939 rs1060938 rs1060937 rs1060936 rs1060935 rs690605
Microtubule-associated protein 2MAP24133MAP2_HUMANrs741007 rs741006 rs41265969 rs36091461 rs35994200 rs35935403 rs35927101 rs35915945 rs35581436 rs34693874 rs34351420 rs17745550 rs11460425 rs6749066 rs6720659 rs5838179 rs2271252 rs2271251 rs2239672 rs755708
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