Dragon Extractor of Methylated Genes in Diseases  
Dragon Extractor of Methylated Genes in Diseases(DEMGD) was developed for mining of associations between methylated genes and diseases from free text abstracts submitted by users. DEMGD summarizes the extracted associations in full reports and summary tables with evidence tagging of genes, diseases and methylation words. DEMGD allows research scientists to extract methylated genes and diseases associations efficiently and from the most recent literature.
Note: The system extracts associations only when genes, diseases and methylation words are present in the same sentence. If the abstracts are downloaded from PubMed, the abstracts must be saved in "Abstract (Text)" format as explained in Instructions page. After submitting the abstracts, please wait few seconds for the page to be redirected to the results page.

If you use the system, please cite it as follows:
Bin Raies A, Mansour H, Incitti R, Bajic VB (2013) Combining Position Weight Matrices and Document-Term Matrix for Efficient Extraction of Associations of Methylated Genes and Diseases from Free Text. PLoS ONE 8(10): e77848. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0077848
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