Knowledge Exploration System

Knowledge Exploration System is a platform for discovery, analysis and exploring of biomedical knowledge. The system include up to date database of published scientific literature and databases of biomedical concepts.

Integration and Discovery

Due to the size of the literature, scientists miss links between their work and other, related work. Knowledge Exploration System is a perfect tool for disovering this "hidden knowledge".

Knowledge Exploration System discovers associations between biomedical concepts and explores hypotheses which system automatically generates suggesting new topics for research. It integrates text and data mining and applies information retrieved from various sources to construct new knowledge. The system uses varous techniques including information retrieval, text analysis, information extraction, visualization, database technology, machine learning, and data mining.

Project Leader  Co-PI 
Vladimir Bajic Mark Tester
Adil Salhi
Aleksandar Radovanovic
Benoit Marchand
Faroug Tifratene
Magbubah Essack
Sonia S Cabrita Negrao
Michell Jack Love Morton
Rozaimi Razali
Salim Bougouffa
Vladimir Bajic
Computational Bioscience Research Centre
Building 3, Office 4219

4700 King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Thuwal 23955-6900
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

tel. +966 (0)2 808-2386

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DES_TOMATO?

A. DES_TOMATO is the knowledge exploration system focused on tomato species.

Q. How can I explore the DES_TOMATO knowledgebase?

A. You can use one of the five exploration modes:

  • Enriched Terms: shows list of terms enriched with information from various databases.
  • Enriched Term Pairs: shows terms linked across multiple documents.
  • Explore Hypotheses: automated method for finding evidence in the literature to support hypothetical relationships.
  • KOBAS Pathways: shows KOBAS (KEGG Ontology-Based Annotation System) pathways relevant to the genes/proteins mined within the knowledge-base text.
  • Show Literature: enable literature exploration by using terms and dictionaries as keywords.

Q. How can I use the knowledgebase in my research?

A. With DES_TOMATO you can search through a collection of tomato relevant scientific literature and data from various bioinformatics sources. You can also use an engine that can reason about those data to derive new facts and suggests hypotheses you can explore.