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12096965 Adenovirus-mediated gene therapy using human p21WAF-1/Cip-1 to prevent wound healing in a rabbit model of glaucoma filtration surgery.  
7706735 T lymphocytes infiltrating sites of tumor rejection and progression display identical V beta usage but different cytotoxic activities.  
19190447 Novel surgical treatment of a transverse-sigmoid sinus aneurysm presenting as pulsatile tinnitus: technical case report.  
8592672 Structure of disintegrating pellets with regard to fractal geometry.  
9582710 The International Normalized Ratio as a measure of anticoagulation: significance for the management of the dental outpatient.  
16001140 Massive hemorrhage from internal carotid artery pseudoaneurysm successfully treated by transcatheter arterial embolization with assessment of regional cerebral oxygenation.  
580349 Effects of different cyclophosphamide treatment schedules on collagen and collagenolytic activity in granulation tissue.  
18548102 Spongistatin 1: a new chemosensitizing marine compound that degrades XIAP.  
17599353 A structural basis for regulation of actin polymerization by pectenotoxins.  
21995171 Gossypiboma: a rare abdominal lesion of women after cesarean section, usually misdiagnosed as a neoplasm.  

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