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21966903 Deep sequencing reveals exceptional diversity and modes of transmission for bacterial sponge symbionts.  
22014097 Supramolecular assemblies of histidinylated α-cyclodextrin in the presence of DNA scaffold during CDplexes formation.  
17978011 Determination of cytokine protein levels in cervical mucus samples from young women by a multiplex immunoassay method and assessment of correlates.  
12202165 Non-destructive three-dimensional evaluation of a polymer sponge by micro-tomography using synchrotron radiation.  
12542710 Isolation and phylogenetic characterization of bacteria capable of inducing differentiation in the green alga Monostroma oxyspermum.  
20871969 [Fatter through lipids or water. Lipohyperplasia dolorosa versus lymphedema].  
9075188 Novel di-, tri-, and tetraenoic fatty acids with bis-methylene-interrupted double-bond systems from the sponge Haliclona cinerea.  
22868125 Complex coacervation of soybean protein isolate and chitosan.  
8625387 Complex synaptic arrangements in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus: a possible basis for the "Zeitgeber" and non-synaptic synchronization of neuronal activity.  
9268485 Antiproliferative effect of illimaquinone on Leishmania mexicana.  

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