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10629096 Colonial origin for Emetazoa: major morphological transitions and the origin of bilaterian complexity.  
15730235 Synthesis and characterization of the 7-(4-aminomethyl-1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl) analogue of kabiramide C.  
20920349 Genomic insights into Wnt signaling in an early diverging metazoan, the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi.  
16643651 Neuroactive substances specifically modulate rhythmic body contractions in the nerveless metazoon Tethya wilhelma (Demospongiae, Porifera).  
15762999 Differential modulation of microglia superoxide anion and thromboxane B2 generation by the marine manzamines.  
19457438 Mimivirus and Mimiviridae: giant viruses with an increasing number of potential hosts, including corals and sponges.  
7645942 New platinum complex compounds with reduced nephrotoxicity discovered in long-term histoculture of human renal cortical tissue.  
17599353 A structural basis for regulation of actin polymerization by pectenotoxins.  
22664123 Sponge chemical diversity: from biosynthetic pathways to ecological roles.  
16508512 The "Fistula VAC," a technique for management of enterocutaneous fistulae arising within the open abdomen: report of 5 cases.  

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