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12096965 Adenovirus-mediated gene therapy using human p21WAF-1/Cip-1 to prevent wound healing in a rabbit model of glaucoma filtration surgery.  
17106924 Inhibition of hepatic tumor cell proliferation in vitro and tumor growth in vivo by taltobulin, a synthetic analogue of the tripeptide hemiasterlin.  
806403 Estimations of active and inactive carbonic anhydrase isozyme B in human red cells.  
580349 Effects of different cyclophosphamide treatment schedules on collagen and collagenolytic activity in granulation tissue.  
16511659 Bone regeneration using rhBMP-2 induction in hemimandibulectomy type defects of elderly sub-human primates.  
16926830 beta(2)-Microglobulin amyloidosis caused spinal cord compression in a long-term haemodialysis patient.  
14670098 Fabrication and biocompatibility of collagen sponge reinforced with poly(glycolic acid) fiber.  
21385337 Polyurethane sheet: a potential substitute of surgical cotton gauze.  
16990471 Prophylactic gelatin sponge tract injection to prevent bleeding after percutaneous renal cryoablation in a swine model.  
22393929 Staple-line reinforcement with a thrombin matrix during laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for morbid obesity: a case series.  

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 59