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22435080 Protein-Signaled Guided Bone Regeneration Using Titanium Mesh and Rh-BMP2 in Oral Surgery: A Case Report Involving Left Mandibular Reconstruction after Tumor Resection.  
17475411 The effect of chitosan hydrogel containing DMEM/F12 medium on full-thickness skin defects after deep dermal burn.  
15325637 Inducible nonviral gene expression in the treatment of osteochondral defects.  
22443856 Collagen vitrigel scaffold for regenerative medicine of the trachea: experimental study and quantitative evaluation.  
15494153 Experimental study on the regeneration of peripheral nerve gaps through a polyglycolic acid-collagen (PGA-collagen) tube.  
9671903 The experimental replacement of a cervical esophageal segment with an artificial prosthesis with the use of collagen matrix and a silicone stent.  
10490676 Studies on gelatin-containing artificial skin: II. Preparation and characterization of cross-linked gelatin-hyaluronate sponge.  
19411455 Mesenchymal stem cell concentration and bone repair: potential pitfalls from bench to bedside.  
11090321 Long-term follow-up study of artificial dermis composed of outer silicone layer and inner collagen sponge.  
20799203 Optimization of cell seeding efficiencies on a three-dimensional gelatin scaffold for bone tissue engineering.  

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