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22938093 Structures and mechanisms of antitumor agents: xestoquinones uncouple cellular respiration and disrupt HIF signaling in human breast tumor cells.  
17896136 Carbonic anhydrase in calcified endoskeleton: novel activity in biocalcification in alcyonarian.  
21309808 Implant-induced intraperitoneal inflammatory angiogenesis is attenuated by fluvastatin.  
14763838 Application of a MTT assay for screening nutritional factors in growth media of primary sponge cell culture.  
18255250 Highly efficient in vivo gene transfection by plasmid/PEI complexes coated by anionic PEG derivatives bearing carboxyl groups and RGD peptide.  
11071171 Sucrose has no beneficial effects on wound healing in rats.  
16539395 Synthesis and biological evaluation of purealin and analogues as cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain inhibitors.  
20479984 Marine drugs from sponge-microbe association--a review.  
7463211 Plasma transferable inhibition of BCG induced subcutaneous inflammation in human cancer.  
4313360 Experimental model systems of pneumoconiosis. I. The effect of dusts on subcutaneous sponge implants in the rat.  

Page: 1 ... 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ... 295