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2411677 Effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on rat paw oedema and leukocyte migration.  
1792336 Effects of season, GnRH administration and lupin supplementation on the ovarian and endocrine responses of merino ewes treated with PMSG and FSH-P to induce superovulation.  
10087000 Effects of petrosaspongiolide M, a novel phospholipase A2 inhibitor, on acute and chronic inflammation.  
19267971 [Glossopharyngeal neurotomy through laterocervical approach to treat idiopathic glossopharyngeal neuralgia].  
6459949 Study on antiblastomogenic action of epidermal chalones. II. Effect of epidermal chalones on carcinogenesis in the vagina.  
10468454 Dental extractions in patients maintained on continued oral anticoagulant: comparison of local hemostatic modalities.  
10629854 [Involvement of chymase in angiogenesis in hamster sponge granulomas].  
17384960 Sirolimus impairs wound healing.  
2551227 [Limitation of oily chemoembolization against hepatocellular carcinoma and arterioportal segmental chemoembolization].  
20352293 A novel activity from an old compound: Manzamine A reduces the metastatic potential of AsPC-1 pancreatic cancer cells and sensitizes them to TRAIL-induced apoptosis.  

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 295