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22528535 Effects of repeated administration of hCG on follicular and luteal characteristics and serum progesterone concentrations in eCG-superovulated Sanjabi ewes.  
16198070 Increased cervical electrical activity during oestrus in progestagen treated ewes: Possible role in sperm transport.  
2952172 Enhancement of the actin-activated ATPase activity of myosin from canine cardiac ventricle by purealin.  
11040080 In vitro diffusion of mitomycin-C into human sclera after episcleral application: impact of diffusion time.  
22928820 Nocturnin in the demosponge Suberites domuncula: a potential circadian clock protein controlling glycogenin synthesis in sponges.  
17169666 Cavernous nerve regeneration by biodegradable alginate gel sponge sheet placement without sutures.  
12062220 Effects of a new excitotoxic amino acid, dysiherbaine, on cultured Müller cells.  
17624572 Preoperative uterine artery embolization (PUAE) before uterine fibroid myomectomy.  
22690150 Mitochondrial genome-knockout cells demonstrate a dual mechanism of action for the electron transport complex I inhibitor mycothiazole.  
15590978 Reduced LH sensitivity in vivo and in vitro of corpora lutea induced during anoestrus by GnRH, and during the late breeding season, in Scottish Blackface ewes.  

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