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19661713 JBIR-15, a new aspochracin derivative, isolated from a sponge-derived fungus, Aspergillus sclerotiorum Huber Sp080903f04.  
9268485 Antiproliferative effect of illimaquinone on Leishmania mexicana.  
22938093 Structures and mechanisms of antitumor agents: xestoquinones uncouple cellular respiration and disrupt HIF signaling in human breast tumor cells.  
12770594 Evariquinone, isoemericellin, and stromemycin from a sponge derived strain of the fungus Emericella variecolor.  
12440734 Cytotoxic bromoindole derivatives and terpenes from the Philippine marine sponge Smenospongia sp.  
15497982 Diastereoselective syntheses of deoxydysibetaine, dysibetaine, and its 4-epimer.  
21698108 Patterns of chemical diversity in the Mediterranean sponge Spongia lamella.  
15776313 Marine sponges as pharmacy.  
11007181 Metabolites from a marine bacterium Pseudomonas/Alteromonas, associated with the sponge Dysidea fragilis.  
2707379 Luffolide, a novel anti-inflammatory terpene from the sponge Luffariella sp..  

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