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17826358 Comparative cytotoxic and anti-tuberculosis activity of Aplysina caissara marine sponge crude extracts.  
20102170 Additional insights on the bastadins: isolation of analogues from the sponge Ianthella cf. reticulata and exploration of the oxime configurations.  
11754625 Sventrin, a new bromopyrrole alkaloid from the Caribbean sponge Agelas sventres.  
21534590 (-)-Duryne and its homologues, cytotoxic acetylenes from a marine Sponge Petrosia sp.  
15901177 Mycapolyols A-F, new cytotoxic metabolites of mixed biogenesis from the marine sponge Mycale izuensis.  
16096557 L-arginine improves wound healing after trauma-hemorrhage by increasing collagen synthesis.  
20161970 Inhibitory activity of marine sponge-derived natural products against parasitic protozoa.  
14529519 Drugs from the sea: conotoxins as drug leads for neuropathic pain and other neurological conditions.  
15332840 Cytotoxic pyrroloiminoquinones from four new species of South African latrunculid sponges.  
17554047 Sponge-associated microorganisms: evolution, ecology, and biotechnological potential.  

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