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19167886 5-Hydroxyindole-type alkaloids, as Candida albicans isocitrate lyase inhibitors, from the tropical sponge Hyrtios sp.  
10912189 The role of 3D-microscopy in the study of chondrocyte-matrix interaction (alginate bead or sponge, rat femoral head cap, human osteoarthritic cartilage) and pharmacological application.  
9548857 New metabolites from the sponge Spongia agaricina.  
15456519 Cytotoxicity of psammaplin A from a two-sponge association may correlate with the inhibition of DNA replication.  
22822350 Bioactive peptides and depsipeptides with anticancer potential: sources from marine animals.  
18217716 Secondary metabolites from three Florida sponges with antidepressant activity.  
16816381 The role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species in the acquisition of metastatic ability of tumor cells.  
17897952 Requirement of phospholipase D for ilimaquinone-induced Golgi membrane fragmentation.  
9531985 Cytotoxic substances produced by a fungal strain from a sponge: physico-chemical properties and structures.  
15730258 Poipuol, a new metabolite from a Hawaiian sponge of the genus Hyrtios.  

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