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1062518 Scavenging of dental anesthetic gases.  
18694421 Enhancing embryo yield in superovulated holstein heifers by immunization against inhibin.  
8644924 Exact mass determination for elemental analysis of ions produced by matrix-assisted laser desorption.  
19194449 Fossil steroids record the appearance of Demospongiae during the Cryogenian period.  
22488806 Inhibition of interdomain motion in g-actin by the natural product latrunculin: a molecular dynamics study.  
11741237 Influence of the degree of polymerization on the behavior of cellulose during homogenization and extrusion/spheronization.  
16374891 Naturally engineered glycolipid biosurfactants leading to distinctive self-assembled structures.  
237736 The neurologic effects of noxious marine creatures.  
20799203 Optimization of cell seeding efficiencies on a three-dimensional gelatin scaffold for bone tissue engineering.  
13123655 Use of polyvinyl sponge in repair of experimentally produced defects in the abdominal wall.  

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 75