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9882917 [Video-parietoscopic surgery of the abdominal wall. A study of 15 cases].  
19539988 Anterior cruciate ligament regeneration using mesenchymal stem cells and silk scaffold in large animal model.  
17141821 Effective partial nitrification to nitrite by down-flow hanging sponge reactor under limited oxygen condition.  
20643505 Arsenic removal by iron oxide coated sponge: experimental performance and mathematical models.  
6188303 Peritoneal adhesion formation after the use of oxidized cellulose (Surgicel) and gelatin sponge (Spongostan) in rats.  
17601408 Laparoscopic ovum pick-up followed by in vitro embryo production for the reproductive rescue of aged goats of high genetic value.  
16300091 Influence of a test preservative on sponge cakes under different storage conditions.  
8779688 Allogeneic class I MHC requirement for alloantigen-reactive helper T-lymphocyte responses in vivo. Evidence for indirect presentation of alloantigen.  
17192246 Implantable biodegradable sponges: effect of interpolymer complex formation of chitosan with gelatin on the release behavior of tramadol hydrochloride.  
18547116 Dictazolines A and B, bisspiroimidazolidinones from the marine sponge Smenospongia cerebriformis.  

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 75