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17150098 Differential expression of type X collagen in a mechanically active 3-D chondrocyte culture system: a quantitative study.  
17335245 Bromopyrrole carboxamide biosynthetic products from the Caribbean sponge Agelas dispar.  
7577825 In vivo chondrogenesis in collagen sponge sandwiched by perichondrium.  
17483903 Development of graded hydroxyapatite/CaCO(3) composite structures for bone ingrowth.  
17958397 Molecular-targeted antitumor agents. 15. Neolamellarins from the marine sponge Dendrilla nigra inhibit hypoxia-inducible factor-1 activation and secreted vascular endothelial growth factor production in breast tumor cells.  
16060636 Diphosphacarbollide analogues of the C5H5- anion: isolation of the nido-di- and triphosphacarboranes 7,8,9-P2CB8H10, [7,8,9-P2CB8H9]-, [7,8,10-P2CB8H9]-, and 7,8,9,10-P3CB7H8.  
10611106 Sponge delivery variables and tissue levels of 5-fluorouracil.  
22649930 Reveal Listeria 2.0 test for detection of Listeria spp. in foods and environmental samples.  
18226023 Inhibitory effect of selenium supplementation on the reproductive performance in synchronized Merino sheep at range conditions in a selenium-deficient area.  
22465674 Structure-activity relationships of siRNA carriers based on sequence-defined oligo (ethane amino) amides.  

Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 75