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15797223 Speciation and biosynthetic variation in four dictyoceratid sponges and their cyanobacterial symbiont, Oscillatoria spongeliae.  
2022097 Dry skin, water, and lubrication.  
15976689 [Cell therapy product (Dermagen) for treatment of hard-to-heal skin wounds].  
17143757 A novel hydrogel crosslinked hyaluronan with glycol chitosan.  
17401137 Prostaglandin E2-EP4 receptor promotes endothelial cell migration via ERK activation and angiogenesis in vivo.  
21838889 A horizontal gene transfer supported the evolution of an early metazoan biomineralization strategy.  
2563218 [Anti-tumor natural products isolated from marine organisms].  
10707811 Parasitic diatoms inside antarctic sponges.  
21680443 Rapid evolutionary emergence of the combinatorial recognition repertoire.  
15214779 New manzamine alkaloids from an Indo-Pacific sponge. Pharmacokinetics, oral availability, and the significant activity of several manzamines against HIV-I, AIDS opportunistic infections, and inflammatory diseases.  

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