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2395869 Characterization of a fibrillar collagen gene in sponges reveals the early evolutionary appearance of two collagen gene families.  
15825641 Full absolute stereostructures of natural products directly from crude extracts: The HPLC-MS/ MS-NMR-CD 'triad'.  
17926589 Injectable form of cross-linked hyaluronan is effective for middle ear wound healing.  
22129274 Diversity and antimicrobial activities of microbes from two Irish marine sponges, Suberites carnosus and Leucosolenia sp.  
22515429 Ianthelliformisamines A-C, antibacterial bromotyrosine-derived metabolites from the marine sponge Suberea ianthelliformis.  
18989260 Methods for isolation, purification and structural elucidation of bioactive secondary metabolites from marine invertebrates.  
15345965 Thermal injury resulting from application of a granular mineral hemostatic agent.  
22614862 Synthesis and bioactivity of secondary metabolites from marine sponges containing dibrominated indolic systems.  
18816843 Toward understanding the morphogenesis of siliceous spicules in freshwater sponge: differential mRNA expression of spicule-type-specific silicatein genes in Ephydatia fluviatilis.  
17335245 Bromopyrrole carboxamide biosynthetic products from the Caribbean sponge Agelas dispar.  

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