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15816759 Enantioselective synthesis of the C18-C25 segment of lasonolide A by an oxonia-cope prins cascade.  
18970648 Arsenic speciation in freshwater organisms from the river Danube in Hungary.  
9843255 Trabeculectomy survival with and without intra-operative 5-fluorouracil application in an Asian population.  
22163194 Advancement into the Arctic region for bioactive sponge secondary metabolites.  
15240076 Effect of weak acid preservatives on growth of bakery product spoilage fungi at different water activities and pH values.  
7118787 Gas chromatographic determination of propionates as paranitrobenzyl ester in bakery products.  
16060636 Diphosphacarbollide analogues of the C5H5- anion: isolation of the nido-di- and triphosphacarboranes 7,8,9-P2CB8H10, [7,8,9-P2CB8H9]-, [7,8,10-P2CB8H9]-, and 7,8,9,10-P3CB7H8.  
12502341 Absolute configuration of the antiinflammatory [correction of antiinflamatory] sponge natural product contignasterol.  
21256013 Chemical and biological explorations of the electrophilic reactivity of the bioactive marine natural product halenaquinone with biomimetic nucleophiles.  
22358150 The first total synthesis of (+)-mucosin.  

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