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11587557 Heat stress-activated, calcium-dependent nitric oxide synthase in sponges.  
22600 The effect of metyrapone on granuloma induced by carrageenan-impregnated sponges in normal and essential fatty acid deficient rats.  
11699651 The life cycle of haemogregarina bigemina (Adeleina: Haemogregarinidae) in South African hosts.  
22222828 Fungi and their role in corals and coral reef ecosystems.  
15727897 Reinfusion of aspirated pericardial blood during CPB. Part II. Laparotomy sponges are hazardous parts of the CPB circuit?  
19237254 Relationships of changes in ultrasonographic image attributes to ovulatory and steroidogenic capacity of large antral follicles in sheep.  
11275564 Production of a biologically active epidermal growth factor fusion protein with high collagen affinity.  
15581906 Production of matrix metalloproteinases in specific subpopulations of human-patient breast cancer invading in three dimensional culture system.  
18837380 [Advances on biosynthetic gene clusters of natural product from marine symbiotic microbe--a review].  
18037175 Potential of sponges and microalgae for marine biotechnology.  

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