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16956194 Development of an approach to the synthesis of the ABC ring system of Hemibrevetoxin B.  
20600381 Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by glycolipid biosurfactant produced from marine Brevibacterium casei MSA19.  
15624917 A second-generation total synthesis of (+)-discodermolide: the development of a practical route using solely substrate-based stereocontrol.  
15876024 Synthetic studies toward the construction of the cis-decalin portion of superstolides A and B. Application of a sequential double michael reaction and an anionic oxy-Cope rearrangement.  
2506933 Okadaic acid and dinophysistoxin-1, non-TPA-type tumor promoters, stimulate prostaglandin E2 production in rat peritoneal macrophages.  
2988985 Arachidonic acid, an in vivo inhibitor of carrageenin induced granulomas in the rat.  
16048348 Concise synthesis of all stereoisomers of beta-methoxytyrosine and determination of the absolute configuration of the residue in callipeltin A.  
12322984 Synthesis and biodegradation of arabinogalactan sponges prepared by reductive amination.  
22042320 Halichonines A, B, and C, novel sesquiterpene alkaloids from the marine sponge Halichondria okadai Kadota.  
22548498 Synthesis of natural cellulose-templated TiO2/Ag nanosponge composites and photocatalytic properties.  

Page: 1 ... 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 ... 106