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12449505 Geographic variation of natural products of tropical nudibranch Asteronotus cespitosus.  
14566779 A biodegradable polyurethane-ascorbic acid scaffold for bone tissue engineering.  
20394446 Assignment of the structure of petrocortyne A by mixture syntheses of four candidate stereoisomers.  
11405721 Progress toward the total synthesis of kalihinane diterpenoids.  
12688769 Total synthesis of the microtubule stabilizing antitumor agent laulimalide and some nonnatural analogues: the power of Sharpless' asymmetric epoxidation.  
17850086 Total synthesis of (-)-sarain A.  
7653578 Antisense oligonucleotides for PDGF-B and its receptor inhibit mechanical strain-induced fetal lung cell growth.  
17336092 Apposition of silica lamellae during growth of spicules in the demosponge Suberites domuncula: biological/biochemical studies and chemical/biomimetical confirmation.  
10822542 Studies on the synthesis of tedanolide: synthesis of the C(5)-C(21) segment via a highly stereoselective fragment assembly aldol reaction of a chiral beta,gamma-unsaturated methyl ketone.  
15839697 Development of an enantiodivergent strategy for the total synthesis of (+)- and (-)-dragmacidin f from a single enantiomer of quinic Acid.  

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