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20962322 MicroRNAs 15a/16-1 function as tumor suppressor genes in multiple myeloma.  
20839057 Transarterial chemoembolization for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumor thrombosis: a prospective comparative study.  
11565875 Foreign body reaction to hemostatic materials mimicking recurrent brain tumor. Report of three cases.  
15538161 A new pitfall on abdominal PET/CT: a retained surgical sponge.  
23221562 HBV mRNAs-mediated miR-122 inhibition up-regulates PTTG1-binding protein which promotes HCC tumor growth and cell invasion.  
16125421 Involvement of reactive nitrogen oxides for acquisition of metastatic properties of benign tumors in a model of inflammation-based tumor progression.  
2457060 [Clinical evaluation of transcatheter arterial embolization in hepatocellular carcinoma--comparison of FME with GSE in terms of tumor factors].  
16816381 The role of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase-derived reactive oxygen species in the acquisition of metastatic ability of tumor cells.  
2373859 Idiotype vaccination against murine B cell lymphoma. Humoral and cellular requirements for the full expression of antitumor immunity.  
8072703 Chemoembolization in liver malignant involvement. Experiences on 17 cases.  

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