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2686582 Characterization of wound cytokines in the sponge matrix model.  
22260773 Stylissamide X, a new proline-rich cyclic octapeptide as an inhibitor of cell migration, from an Indonesian marine sponge of Stylissa sp.  
555508 [Surgical treatment of experimental liver injuries in dogs with special evaluation of Polish-made cyanoacrylic glue. I. Clinical observations, morphological and biochemical studies of blood and autopsy studies].  
17926589 Injectable form of cross-linked hyaluronan is effective for middle ear wound healing.  
3490101 Effect of epidermal growth factor (EGF) on blood flow and albumin extravasation in experimental granulation tissue.  
17688259 The biodegradability of poly(Pro-Hyp-Gly) synthetic polypeptide and the promotion of a dermal wound epithelialization using a poly(Pro-Hyp-Gly) sponge.  
10816345 The angiogenesis inhibitor, endostatin, does not affect murine cutaneous wound healing.  
10776928 Tissue engineered bone formation using chitosan/tricalcium phosphate sponges.  
16847236 Initial clinical evaluation of a handheld device for detecting retained surgical gauze sponges using radiofrequency identification technology.  
20806153 Drainage of esophageal leakage using endoscopic vacuum therapy: a prospective pilot study.  

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