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20596073 Population dynamics of Vibrio spp. associated with marine sponge microcosms.  
20600863 Isolation, characterization and phylogeny of sponge-associated bacteria with antimicrobial activities from Brazil.  
20799080 New phylogenetic lineages of the Spirochaetes phylum associated with Clathrina species (Porifera).  
20849448 Streptomyces associated with a marine sponge Haliclona sp.; biosynthetic genes for secondary metabolites and products.  
21105906 Phylogenetic characterization of culturable actinomycetes associated with the mucus of the coral Acropora digitifera from Gulf of Mannar.  
21118276 The pathology of sponge orange band disease affecting the Caribbean barrel sponge Xestospongia muta.  
21209889 Environmental shaping of sponge associated archaeal communities.  
21222136 Anti-protease and immunomodulatory activities of bacteria associated with Caribbean sponges.  
21265978 Bacteria associated with an encrusting sponge (Terpios hoshinota) and the corals partially covered by the sponge.  
21728038 Phylogenetic diversity of bacteria associated with the marine sponge Gelliodes carnosa collected from the Hainan Island coastal waters of the South China Sea.  

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