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21856832 Sponge-associated bacteria are strictly maintained in two closely related but geographically distant sponge hosts.  
22073197 Phylogenetic diversity, host-specificity and community profiling of sponge-associated bacteria in the northern Gulf of Mexico.  
22193522 In vitro antiplasmodial activity of bacterium RJAUTHB 14 associated with marine sponge Haliclona Grant against Plasmodium falciparum.  
22214828 Actinobacteria associated with the marine sponges Cinachyra sp., Petrosia sp., and Ulosa sp. and their culturability.  
22281804 Pyrosequencing reveals diverse and distinct sponge-specific microbial communities in sponges from a single geographical location in Irish waters.  
22310802 Diversity of bacterial communities associated with the Indian Ocean sponge Tsitsikamma favus that contains the bioactive pyrroloiminoquinones, tsitsikammamine A and B.  
22310803 Bacterial and archaeal symbionts in the South China Sea sponge Phakellia fusca: community structure, relative abundance, and ammonia-oxidizing populations.  
22353766 Selective detection and phylogenetic diversity of Acaryochloris spp. that exist in association with didemnid ascidians and sponge.  
22519438 Diversity and antibacterial activity of bacteria isolated from the coastal marine sponges Amphilectus fucorum and Eurypon major.  
22527266 The bacterial community of the lithistid sponge Discodermia spp. as determined by cultivation and culture-independent methods.  

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