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17122394 Vertical transmission of diverse microbes in the tropical sponge Corticium sp.  
18820053 Molecular microbial diversity survey of sponge reproductive stages and mechanistic insights into vertical transmission of microbial symbionts.  
19648378 Evidence for vertical transmission of bacterial symbionts from adult to embryo in the Caribbean sponge Svenzea zeai.  
21614563 Marine-based cultivation of diacarnus sponges and the bacterial community composition of wild and maricultured sponges and their larvae.  
21966903 Deep sequencing reveals exceptional diversity and modes of transmission for bacterial sponge symbionts.  
22432637 Experimental manipulation of sponge/bacterial symbiont community composition with antibiotics: sponge cell aggregates as a unique tool to study animal/microorganism symbiosis.  
23263235 Ectyoplasia ferox, an Experimentally Tractable Model for Vertical Microbial Transmission in Marine Sponges.  

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