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11886749 Sequence analysis of 16S rRNA gene of cyanobacteria associated with the marine sponge Mycale (Carmia) hentscheli.  
17158990 Shewanella irciniae sp. nov., a novel member of the family Shewanellaceae, isolated from the marine sponge Ircinia dendroides in the Bay of Villefranche, Mediterranean Sea.  
17158991 Shewanella spongiae sp. nov., isolated from a marine sponge.  
17159001 Aureispira marina gen. nov., sp. nov., a gliding, arachidonic acid-containing bacterium isolated from the southern coastline of Thailand.  
20228211 Formosa spongicola sp. nov., isolated from the marine sponge Hymeniacidon flavia.  
21115701 Exploring the links between natural products and bacterial assemblages in the sponge Aplysina aerophoba.  
22191218 Antifouling activities against colonizer marine bacteria of extracts from marine invertebrates collected in the Colombian Caribbean Sea and on the Brazilian coast (Santa Catarina).  

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