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16269779 Investigation of Oscillatoria spongeliae-dominated bacterial communities in four dictyoceratid sponges.  
19617876 Diversity of aerobic and anaerobic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in marine sponges.  
20221658 Association of thioautotrophic bacteria with deep-sea sponges.  
20596073 Population dynamics of Vibrio spp. associated with marine sponge microcosms.  
21435124 Diversity and antimicrobial activity of Pseudovibrio spp. from Irish marine sponges.  
22092516 A specific mix of generalists: bacterial symbionts in Mediterranean Ircinia spp.  
22353766 Selective detection and phylogenetic diversity of Acaryochloris spp. that exist in association with didemnid ascidians and sponge.  
22519438 Diversity and antibacterial activity of bacteria isolated from the coastal marine sponges Amphilectus fucorum and Eurypon major.  
22527266 The bacterial community of the lithistid sponge Discodermia spp. as determined by cultivation and culture-independent methods.  
22885741 Stability of sponge-associated bacteria over large seasonal shifts in temperature and irradiance.  

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