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10741928 Hepatic arterial chemoembolization with streptozotocin in patients with metastatic digestive endocrine tumours.  
17948190 [Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) in hepatocellular carcinoma: technique, indication and results].  
21377647 Uterine necrosis associated with acute suppurative myometritis after angiographic selective embolization for refractory postpartum hemorrhage.  
21887572 Gossypiboma presenting as mesosigmoid abscess [corrected].  
22540110 Retained intra-abdominal artery forceps - An unusual cause of intestinal strangulation.  
23002347 Emergency transcatheter arterial embolization for patients with acute massive duodenal ulcer hemorrhage.  
6331325 [A case of hepatocellular carcinoma (acute abdominal type) misdiagnosed as acute appendicitis and satisfactorily treated by a two-stage operation].  

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