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15317173 [Different dressings in surgery].  
16525873 Activated chemical defense in aplysina sponges revisited.  
17129347 Analysis of the effects of chitosan on inflammation, angiogenesis, fibroplasia, and collagen deposition in polyvinyl alcohol sponge implants in rat wounds.  
17538318 Platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasma: development of an animal model to evaluate hemostatic efficacy.  
18679752 Activated chemical defense in marine sponges--a case study on Aplysinella rhax.  
20052800 The phenotype of murine wound macrophages.  
21086376 [Use of human fibrinogen and human thrombin for urethral reconstructive surgery.]  
23261430 Nox4 modulates collagen production stimulated by transforming growth factor β1 in vivo and in vitro.  

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