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10784588 Propagation and neural regulation of calcium waves in longitudinal and circular muscle layers of guinea pig small intestine.  
15345322 Callipeltin A: sodium ionophore effect and tension development in vascular smooth muscle.  
17253866 Hypoxia-selective antitumor agents: norsesterterpene peroxides from the marine sponge Diacarnus levii preferentially suppress the growth of tumor cells under hypoxic conditions.  
1826930 Xestoquinone, a novel cardiotonic agent activates actomyosin ATPase to enhance contractility of skinned cardiac or skeletal muscle fibers.  
1850480 Mechanism of inotropic action of xestoquinone, a novel cardiotonic agent isolated from a sea sponge.  
22189415 Topical application of the antiapoptotic TAT-FNK protein prevents aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity.  
22470051 Systemic immunity influences hearing preservation in cochlear implantation.  
2545866 Calcium-independent activation of contractile apparatus in smooth muscle by calyculin-A.  
2555015 Inhibitory effect of a toxin okadaic acid, isolated from the black sponge on smooth muscle and platelets.  
3035385 Direct activation by okadaic acid of the contractile elements in the smooth muscle of guinea-pig taenia coli.  

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