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1086319 A galactose-inhibitable mitogen for human lymphocytes from the sponge axinella polypoides.  
11905047 [From new molecular science to new supramolecular science with macrocyclic polyamines].  
12762791 Marine natural products as novel antioxidant prototypes.  
16108047 Crosslinking of collagen with dendrimers.  
19262557 A sesquiterpene quinone, dysidine, from the sponge Dysidea villosa, activates the insulin pathway through inhibition of PTPases.  
2080435 Theory of active transport across frog skin and other bifacial cell systems: a subsidiary of the association-induction hypothesis.  
6246412 Sponge cell aggregation.  
8083229 Novel modulators of skeletal muscle FKBP12/calcium channel complex from Ianthella basta. Role of FKBP12 in channel gating.  
8831261 [Creation of new supramolecular science with macrocyclic polyamines].  

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