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12872940 Sequestration of dietary alkaloids by the spongivorous marine mollusc Tylodina perversa.  
15018063 Chemical defense of Mediterranean sponges Aplysina cavernicola and Aplysina aerophoba.  
17153347 Sequestration and possible role of dietary alkaloids in the sponge-feeding mollusk Tylodina perversa.  
18656986 Bioactive brominated metabolites from the red sea sponge Suberea mollis.  
21542602 Brominated arginine-derived alkaloids from the red sea sponge Suberea mollis.  
21954555 [Isolation and identification of brominated alkaloids from the sponge Ircinia sp].  
22961686 Unequivocal 13C NMR assignment of cyclohexadienyl rings in bromotyrosine-derived metabolites from marine sponges.  
23203273 Subereamolline A as a Potent Breast Cancer Migration, Invasion and Proliferation Inhibitor and Bioactive Dibrominated Alkaloids from the Red Sea Sponge Pseudoceratina arabica.  

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