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10543914 11-Deoxyfistularin-3, a new cytotoxic metabolite from the caribbean sponge Aplysina fistularis insularis.  
11325276 Approaches to the synthesis of some tyrosine-derived marine sponge metabolites: synthesis of verongamine and purealidin N.  
12872940 Sequestration of dietary alkaloids by the spongivorous marine mollusc Tylodina perversa.  
15018063 Chemical defense of Mediterranean sponges Aplysina cavernicola and Aplysina aerophoba.  
18656986 Bioactive brominated metabolites from the red sea sponge Suberea mollis.  
18932089 Ianthesine E, a new bromotyrosine-derived metabolite from the Great Barrier Reef sponge Pseudoceratina sp.  
22476960 Trade-offs in defensive metabolite production but not ecological function in healthy and diseased sponges.  
22961686 Unequivocal 13C NMR assignment of cyclohexadienyl rings in bromotyrosine-derived metabolites from marine sponges.  
9834159 A new dibromotyrosine-derived metabolite from the sponge psammaplysilla purpurea1  

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