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11131324 Effects of FSH commercial preparation and follicular status on follicular growth and superovulatory response in Spanish Merino ewes.  
12422083 [The relationship between ostial patency and medical treatment in acute maxillary sinusitis: an experimental study].  
12566152 Use of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MAP) in lactating Holstein cows within an Ovsynch protocol: follicular growth and hormonal patterns.  
12695051 Evaluation of two different oestrus-synchronisation methods with timed artificial insemination and resynchronisation of returns to oestrus in lactating Holstein cows.  
12887339 Periodontal repair in dogs: rhBMP-2 significantly enhances bone formation under provisions for guided tissue regeneration.  
1320133 Efficacy of nonoxynol 9 contraceptive sponge use in preventing heterosexual acquisition of HIV in Nairobi prostitutes.  
1423910 Hepatic insulin resistance during chronic hyperdynamic sepsis.  
15069140 Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 enhances anterior spinal fusion in a thoracoscopically instrumented animal model.  
15270507 Effect of short-term lairage on the prevalence of Salmonella enterica in cull sows.  
16324072 Administration of hCG 5 days after breeding and reproductive performance in nulliparous dairy goats.  

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