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10654421 Revision of the stereochemistry of batzelladine F. Approaches to the tricyclic hydroxyguanidine moiety of batzelladines G, H, and I.  
11131324 Effects of FSH commercial preparation and follicular status on follicular growth and superovulatory response in Spanish Merino ewes.  
11374963 Onnamide F: a new nematocide from a southern Australian marine sponge, Trachycladus laevispirulifer.  
11908980 Equilibrating isomers: bromoindoles and a seco-xanthine encountered during a study of nematocides from the southern Australian marine sponge Hymeniacidon sp.  
15214779 New manzamine alkaloids from an Indo-Pacific sponge. Pharmacokinetics, oral availability, and the significant activity of several manzamines against HIV-I, AIDS opportunistic infections, and inflammatory diseases.  
1621257 Three new D-ring unsaturated sterols from the Mediterranean sponge Topsentia aurantiaca: structure determination and complete nuclear magnetic resonance assignment.  
16441082 Isolation and synthesis of 4-bromopyrrole-2-carboxyarginine and 4-bromopyrrole-2-carboxy-N(epsilon)-lysine from the marine sponge Stylissa caribica.  
17080688 1-Deoxynojirimycin derivatives from the marine sponge Lendenfeldia chondrodes.  
1710256 Novel marine sponge amino acids, 10. Xestoaminols from Xestospongia sp.  
17354038 Polybrominated hexahydroxanthene derivatives (PBHDs) and other halogenated natural products from the Mediterranean sponge Scalarispongia scalaris in marine biota.  

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