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23072830 Functional biopolymer-based matrices for modulation of chronic wound enzyme activities.  
23245882 Silver/chitosan/cellulose fibers foam composites: From synthesis to antibacterial properties.  
2862662 The molecular mechanisms of the distinct calcium-dependent aggregation systems in marine sponges and corals.  
3531218 Sponge aggregation factor: in situ localization by fluorescent monoclonal antibody techniques.  
3653977 In vitro incubation of low-density lipoproteins with inflammatory cells causes enhanced degradation by macrophages in culture.  
3958049 Identification and further characterization of the specific cell binding fragment from sponge aggregation factor.  
6277524 The effect of benzo[a]pyrene on sponges as model organisms in marine pollution.  
6473372 Two distinct, functionally independent adhesion mechanisms in marine sponges.  
809258 Estimation of the maximal T4-binding capacity of TBG using the Triosorb test in serum treated with dextran-coated charcoal.  
8537451 Cell adhesion in sponges: potentiation by a cell surface 68 kDa proteoglycan-binding protein.  

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