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10069528 Glucose-induced inhibition of angiogenesis in the rat sponge granuloma is prevented by aminoguanidine.  
10191749 Enhanced tendon healing with GDF 5 and 6.  
10327079 Comparison of two topical collagen-based hemostatic sponges during cardiothoracic procedures.  
10372024 Heat-shock protein 72/73 and impaired wound healing in diabetic and hypercortisolemic states.  
10382580 Periodontal repair in dogs: effect of rhBMP-2 concentration on regeneration of alveolar bone and periodontal attachment.  
10391356 A new method for the treatment of graft infection in the thoracic aorta: in situ preservation.  
10394553 Transhepatic artery chemoembolization for liver metastases of primary retroperitoneal endodermal sinus tumor. A case report.  
10398144 Thrombospondin-1 inhibits Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) cell and HIV-1 Tat-induced angiogenesis and is poorly expressed in KS lesions.  
10463447 Hazard analysis and critical control point evaluation of school food programs in Bahrain.  
10477855 Meniscus regeneration in a rabbit partial meniscectomy model.  

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