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22222828 Fungi and their role in corals and coral reef ecosystems.  
22768320 Taxonomic and functional microbial signatures of the endemic marine sponge Arenosclera brasiliensis.  
23083934 Silica nanogelling of environment-responsive PEGylated polyplexes for enhanced stability and intracellular delivery of siRNA.  
23224973 Relationship of Other Cytoplasmic Ribonucleoprotein Bodies (cRNPB) to GW/P Bodies.  
2326790 Degradation of metal-labeled collagen implants: ultrastructural and X-ray microanalysis.  
2906395 Fatty acids as biological markers for bacterial symbionts in sponges.  
3190514 Collagen degradation by experimentally-induced subcutaneous granulation tissue in the rat.  
3653977 In vitro incubation of low-density lipoproteins with inflammatory cells causes enhanced degradation by macrophages in culture.  

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