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17233746 Bacterial community structure associated with the Antarctic soft coral, Alcyonium antarcticum.  
17554047 Sponge-associated microorganisms: evolution, ecology, and biotechnological potential.  
17584985 Studies of osteotropism on both sides of the breast cancer-bone interaction.  
17644206 Nano-ferrosponges for controlled drug release.  
17940209 Conservation and diversification of Msx protein in metazoan evolution.  
18211268 Diversity and quorum-sensing signal production of Proteobacteria associated with marine sponges.  
19013518 Antagonistic interactions between psychrotrophic cultivable bacteria isolated from Antarctic sponges: a preliminary analysis.  
19190903 Optimization and production of novel antimicrobial agents from sponge associated marine actinomycetes Nocardiopsis dassonvillei MAD08.  
19283360 Genetic control of wheat quality: interactions between chromosomal regions determining protein content and composition, dough rheology, and sponge and dough baking properties.  
19291467 The biomechanical modelling of non-ballistic skin wounding: blunt-force injury.  

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