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2862662 The molecular mechanisms of the distinct calcium-dependent aggregation systems in marine sponges and corals.  
3531218 Sponge aggregation factor: in situ localization by fluorescent monoclonal antibody techniques.  
3833866 Attachment of sponge cells to collagen substrata: effect of a collagen assembly factor.  
3958049 Identification and further characterization of the specific cell binding fragment from sponge aggregation factor.  
4096653 [Features of the healing of suppurative wounds in patients undergoing treatment with collagen preparations (histochemical and electron-microscopic study)].  
6325724 Interaction of germanium (Ge) with biosilicification in the freshwater sponge Ephydatia mülleri: evidence of localized membrane domains in the silicalemma.  
6473372 Two distinct, functionally independent adhesion mechanisms in marine sponges.  
6505616 Fibroblast-collagen sponge interactions and the spatial deposition of newly synthesized collagen fibers in vitro and in vivo.  
7541224 A novel class of embryonic cell adhesion glycan epitopes is expressed in human colon carcinomas.  
8019895 [Phylogenesis of the extracellular matrix].  

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