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15007426 Biosynthetic pathways to isocyanides and isothiocyanates; precursor incorporation studies on terpene metabolites in the tropical marine sponges Amphimedon terpenensis and Axinyssa n.sp.  
15007427 Biosynthetic pathways to dichloroimines; precursor incorporation studies on terpene metabolites in the tropical marine sponge Stylotella aurantium.  
15066829 Oxygen-controlled bacterial growth in the sponge Suberites domuncula: toward a molecular understanding of the symbiotic relationships between sponge and bacteria.  
15085406 Sustainable production of bioactive compounds by sponges--cell culture and gene cluster approach: a review.  
15257328 Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part I-the History: Sustainable Exploitation of Biodiversity (Sponges and Invertebrates) in the Adriatic Sea in Rovinj (Croatia).  
15315431 A likely biogenetic gateway linking 2-aminoimidazolinone metabolites of sponges to proline: spontaneous oxidative conversion of the pyrrole-proline-guanidine pseudo-peptide to dispacamide A.  
15480439 Traditional and Modern Biomedical Prospecting: Part II-the Benefits: Approaches for a Sustainable Exploitation of Biodiversity (Secondary Metabolites and Biomaterials from Sponges).  
15776311 Antiangiogenic, antimicrobial, and cytotoxic potential of sponge-associated bacteria.  
15810730 Hymeniacidon perleve associated bioactive bacterium pseudomonas sp. NJ6-3-1.  
15974614 Stereochemical heterogeneity in Verongid sponge metabolites. Absolute stereochemistry of (+)-fistularin-3 and (+)-11-epi-fistularin-3 by microscale LCMS-Marfey's analysis.  

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